本文摘要:Were still years away from a Tesla that can deliver you safely to work whilst you doze serenely in the drivers seat, but both the Model S and Model X took a big step in that direction today. Tesla released Version 7.0 of the software that


Were still years away from a Tesla that can deliver you safely to work whilst you doze serenely in the drivers seat, but both the Model S and Model X took a big step in that direction today. Tesla released Version 7.0 of the software that powers its vehicles, and it comes with a new trick: Autopilot.虽然特斯拉还无法符合一旁驾车下班一旁睡觉的心愿,但是如今特斯拉的两款车型,S和X系列早已朝这个方向发展了一大步。近日,特斯拉改版了7.0软件版本,可以反对一项新技能:自动驾驶。The software update will roll out gradually over the next five days, automatically applying itself to all Model X SUVs and all Model S sedans produced since October 2014. Software updates, while largely a curiosity among the auto industry, have become commonplace for Tesla owners. Still, this is the biggest update by far and it delivers a handful of Autopilot features.该软件在五天之后才可升级。



The main feature, Autosteer, is basically an advanced lane departure assist system. The car will automatically stay in a lane, slowing down as necessary to avoid traffic and steering around curves.The vehicle can even change lanes, though only when prompted by the driver hitting the turn signal and when the car detects the way is clear.自动驾驶是一项先进设备的辅助系统。加装该软件后,汽车不会自动在车道上行使,在适当情况下展开滑行以防止交通堵塞,也可以自动并转方向。当司机按下弯道灯并且汽车检测道路安全性的情况下,汽车也可以自动并线。

Autosteer did an admirable job avoiding traffic on busy city streets, even giving room for a Honda that was very keen on merging ahead of us. However, it wont detect things like yield signs and does not read traffic lights. On the highway where traffic moves more predictably (and where we hope to test one soon), youll surely be able to relax a little more.自动驾驶也可以防止交通拥堵路段,甚至还能与前方的本田汽车维持车距。然而。

自动驾驶无法辨识路标和红绿灯。你不能在可预测路况的高速公路上可以睡觉一会(我们迅速将不会对其展开测试)。The Palo Alto, California, automaker said drivers must keep their hands on the wheel, but in our limited testing the car was actually quite lenient. For example, the driving assistant system in the BMW 7 Series allows you to take your hands off the wheel for 15 seconds before it starts beeping obnoxiously. Teslas system seemingly lets you go hands-off for as long as you want. It will eventually start beeping, but theres an option to turn off the chime.加利福尼亚州大众汽车指出,司机必需将手放到方向盘上。


虽然也不会展开报警,但是可以手动重开。Tesla isnt the only company taking steps toward autonomous cars. Toyota, Nissan, General Motors and Google all plan to have self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020. Even iPhone maker Apple is reportedly working on an electronic, partially-self-driving vehicle. Supporters of autonomous vehicles say they will significantly improve safety on roadways.研究无人驾驶技术的公司毕竟特斯拉一家。在2020年之前,丰田、尼桑、大众汽车和谷歌都计划研发自动驾驶汽车。


Ultimately, Teslas system is very nicely composed. Autosteer can smoothly and cleanly handle traffic and is able to come to a complete stop and resume speed without any driver intervention. It takes a huge amount of stress and pressure out of driving in traffic. Again, you should always be paying attention, because the system will throw control back to the driver when it needs to.总的来说,特斯拉自动驾驶系统是十分可信的。它可以平稳、极致地解决问题路上的交通问题。在没司机参予的情况下,已完成行驶、加快。


Updated Model S and X vehicles will also be able to slot themselves into parallel parking spots. Drivers need only cruise slowly past an open spot and then enable Autopark, at which point the car will handle all the hard work. You can keep your hands off the wheel and feet of the pedals.Ultra的S和X系列汽车也可以自动停车在停车位。司机只必须将车渐渐驶出机的停车位,之后打开自动行驶模式。车辆不会自己已完成简单的行驶程序,司机需要握方向盘,脚摔刹车。

Tesla owners should keep an eye out for a pop-up on their cars touchscreen display prompting them to update. Just make sure you arent going anywhere for awhile before you apply it. The software update could take upwards of two hours to download.特斯拉车主可以注意汽车触屏上的升级标识。不过,要保证在升级期间不要驾车外出。



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